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Lisvane Art Workshop

Lisvane Festival Exhibition 2016

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(left) ‘Allium Flowers at Windsor Gardens’ (stitched watercolour, Pam Gilbert, £55) (HIGHLY COMMENDED)

(above centre) ‘Stocks’ (pen & wash, Pauline Rawlings, original NFS, prints £25)

(above right) ‘Fuchsia’ (watercolour, Anne Edwards, £25)

(below left) ‘Rose Arch’ (watercolour, Alison Down, NFS) (HIGHLY COMMENDED)

(above) ‘Pigtails’ (acrylic, Dimitri Venetsianos, £75)

(below) ‘Many A Slip’ (watercolour, Dimitri Venetsianos, £75)

The following paintings were among those also shown at the exhibition, and are shown elsewhere on this website as follows:

Marguerites                                                            Viv Bushell           Watercolour                           £150

Early Morning, Venice                                             Sylvia Davies         Watercolour                            £75

Evening Sunshine - Ogmore                                      Joan Denfield        Watercolour                            £85

Street Scene, Vicenza                                              Alison Down          Watercolour                            NFS

Floral Dreams (aka A Gift From The Garden)             Karen Hodge          Acrylic                                    NFS

Nant Ffrancon                                                         Trevor Jones         Acrylic                                   £140

‘Waverley’ off Penarth Head (HIGHLY COMMENDED)  Trevor Jones         Acrylic                                   £100

Clifton Suspension Bridge                                        Trevor Jones         Acrylic                                   £100

Beach Huts, Southwold                                            Valerie McBroom   Watercolour                             NFS

Bridge Over The Danube, Budapest At Night             Valerie McBroom   Watercolour                             £50

Winter, Cefn Onn Park                                           Ian Philpot            Watercolour                             £90

Fuchsia ‘Moonraker’                                                Ian Philpot            Watercolour                             £60

Hydrangea in Summer  (HIGHLY COMMENDED)           Pauline Rawlings    Pen & wash             NFS, prints £25

The Boat House                                                      Cynthia Walker     Watercolour                            NFS