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Lisvane Art Workshop

Valerie McBroom

Marion Milton - see below

Judy Moore

Jane Patten

Beryl Pepperell

Ian Philpot

Jenny Plaisted

Pauline Rawlings    - see below

Pauline Rawlings

Ruth Robinson

Jean Sheppard

Rona Sullivan

Sherry Thomas - see below

Dimitrios Venetsianos

Cynthia Walker

Noelle Walsh

Pauline Rawlings

Hydrangea In Autumn      FG2

Hydrangea in Summer    N

Iris Foetidissima        R2

Sleeping Leopard          FG3

Stocks           FG4

Sunflowers        R1

In some cases, all of the paintings of a particular artist are to be seen in various exhibition galleries and so these artists do not yet have a gallery of their own. Links to their pictures are here:

Marion Milton

Storm Clouds              A3

Sherry Thomas

Daffodils          R2

Floral Explosion           A1

Saltaire Mill              A1

Members’ Gallery M-W

Please follow the links below for a gallery of each member’s work. In most cases, further examples of each artist’s work will be found in the various exhibition galleries or news; each artist’s page in this gallery has links to those exhibition paintings as well as a link to the artist’s own web site, if they have one.