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Lisvane Art Workshop


Cardiff Frame Co give us a discount on frames and can supply frames of almost any moulding or size. When ordered through Lisvane Art Workshop, they normally come with  double, off-white mount. The frame and width of the mount can be of any size, but I have standardised on the following sizes. I normally coordinate the orders from LAW but there is no reason why you shouldn't order independently if you wish. My 'standard' frames are as follows:

20" x 16" (glass size), mount 2¾" so aperture 14½" x 10½"

18" x 14", mount 2½" aperture 13" x 9"

16" x 12", mount 2¼", aperture 11½" x 7½"

Rolling Exhibition

These three frame sizes correspond to those used in the rolling exhibition. For this exhibition, please supply me with a mounted, but unframed, painting in one of these sizes, either landscape or portrait format. So long as it fits the frame, it is up to you how it is mounted. As far as possible, paintings are changed after three months, depending on availability of paintings of the appropriate size. It may not be possible therefore to put your painting up straightaway, but I shall put it up at the earliest opportunity. This website shows the paintings currently hanging in the rolling exhibition both scrolling across the top of the home page and on the rolling exhibition pages.

All paintings must be for sale. If a painting is sold from the Rolling Exhibition, a new frame will be supplied by LAW for the buyer and the original frame used for the next picture to be hung. This facilitates the replacement procedure as the existing frames are fitted with security fixings, it gives the buyer the option to choose a different frame, and also ensures that any damaged frames are not passed on to the buyer. The price quoted should therefore be for a framed picture. LAW will take a 10% commission on paintings sold (excluding the cost of the frame) and there is a £1 hanging fee per painting.

Annual Exhibition

Paintings for the Annual Exhibition can be supplied either framed or unframed but mounted. Framed paintings should not have been shown in a previous Annual Exhibition for at least four years. It does not matter if they have been shown in any Festival or Rolling Exhibition. There is no restriction for unframed paintings, so that you can show one year's framed paintings as unframed the next year.

Framed paintings should be securely fitted with string for hanging, but please ensure that, when hanging, the string does not show above the top of the picture, which takes up more room and looks unsightly. Please do not use wire. Miniatures which are not to be hung need not be strung, but should be securely fixed to a stand. Please also finish your paintings well on the back (i.e. taped and sealed).

Unframed paintings (which may be prints) should be covered with clear plastic sheeting or sleeves and mounted to a standard size.

Please label all paintings with your name, title, medium and price. Any prints should be clearly labelled as such. LAW will take a 10% commission on all sales. There is a £1 hanging fee per framed painting. There is no hanging fee for unframed paintings.

Please use the entry form to enter your paintings and hand them to me as soon as you can, but, in any event, no later than the Tuesday before the exhibition. Amendments may be given to me up to Wednesday evening at the latest.

We start setting up the exhibition at 12 o'clock on the Friday, so lease bring your paintings then, but leave them in your car until we have the stands erected. They can then have their labels attached temporarily and hung anywhere on the stands - they will be arranged later. The exhibition opens at 6pm on Friday and is open until 9pm and on Saturday from 10am until 5pm. Your paintings may be collected from 4.45 pm on Saturday. If you cannot bring or collect your paintings at these times, please let me know and I will make appropriate arrangements.

Festival Exhibition

The competition for the Sir Julian Hodge Festival Trophy is open to any amateur artist who lives in Lisvane or who is a member of a club or society affiliated to the LCA. All paintings should be framed but need not be for sale. They should not have been shown in any previous Festival Exhibition for at least four years, but there is no restriction on showings in any other exhibition. Any previous winning paintings will be excluded. There is no hanging fee. However, please string and finish your paintings as described above for the Annual Exhibition. All artwork should be substantially two-dimensional. Each artist may enter one or two paintings for the competition, but in order to make a good exhibition, one or two additional paintings may be accepted.

We start setting up the exhibition at 12 o’clock on the Friday. Please bring your paintings to the small hall then. The competition is judged later on Friday. The exhibition is open on Saturday afternoon from 12 midday to 4 o’clock, when you can collect your paintings. Again, if you cannot bring or collect your paintings at these times, please let me know and I will make appropriate arrangements.

We do not traditionally sell many paintings at this exhibition, but any sales will be subject to a 10% commission.


I’m sorry if all the above seems a bit officious or pedantic! It isn’t meant to be, but it all helps to make things run smoothly.


Exhibition Organiser

Please contact me if you have any further questions

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