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Lisvane Art Workshop

Members’ Gallery: Dimitrios Venetsianos

(top left) ‘Ladies In Red’, acrylic

(top right) ‘Cardiff Girls’, acrylic

(above) ‘Cooking With Wine’, acrylic

(left) ‘Wales v The All Blacks - The Stampede’, pen & watercolour

(below left) ‘Bathing Belles III’, acrylic

(below) ‘Bridge Is Not Just A Game’, acrylic

Dimitri also has paintings in other galleries on this site:

         All Change      R2

         Cats Rule      FG2

Easy Riders  T2

Ice Cream Capers       R3

I’m Just Walking The Dog   T3

Many A Slip      FG4

Pigtails        FG4

Silver Birch Forest     FG3

Silver Shadow      T3

Sizzling Salsa        T3

Tangled   F3

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(above) ‘Foxtrot in Aqua’, acrylic                                       (above) ‘Pink Tango’, acrylic

(below) ‘Scrum Down - Or Up!’, watercolour