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Lisvane Art Workshop

Members’ Gallery A-L

Please follow the links below for a gallery of each member’s work. In most cases, further examples of each artist’s work will be found in the various exhibition galleries or news; each artist’s page in this gallery has links to those exhibition paintings as well as a link to the artist’s own web site, if they have one.

Paul Arnott

David Ash

Viv Bushell

Sylvia Davies

Elizabeth Davis

Joan Denfield

Alison Down

Anne Edwards

Di Galli

Pam Gilbert

Heather Hibben

Karen Hodge - see below

Trevor Jones

John Lewis

Karen Hodge                

A Gift From The Garden (aka Floral Dreams)      15A1

Creation Of Joy               16F1

Dark Sea, Lemnos                   16A8

Elements of Winter (aka Wintery Coast)         16F1

Sea & Sand, Lemnos                    16A8

Seascape                         17A3

Winter Sea                17A5

In some cases, all of the paintings of a particular artist are to be seen in various exhibition galleries and so these artists do not yet have a gallery of their own. Links to their pictures are here: